My name is Laila Dahabreh and I was born and raised in Bordentown N.J, but both of my parents are originally from Palestine. I have three beautiful children who love Palestinian cuisine and cooking for them made me love it even more.

Palestine is an old country and an ancient
place, with many tastes. Palestinian cuisine has a Middle Eastern flavor. Family’s gatherings are very important. Palestine's national dish is mansaf, whole lamb cooked with dried yogurt sauce and served on rice. This is an old recipe for century’s which is eaten by almost all Palestinians. Traditionally shark bread is made mostly for this dish.

This has been a two year project for me and I have been very inspired in these tasty meals that are very short and simple. All the recipes in my book were cooked by me and eaten by my children and I hope you enjoy every single recipe. I look forward on hearing your feed back on my book

Offering Taste of middle eastern flavors, auther Laila Dahabreh releases Palestine Cuisine Designed for kitchen lovers and food enthusiast, the book consists of 50 flavorful and healthy recipes that are very short and easy to prepare. From appetizers to salads ,chicken dishesto meat dishes,and soup to desserts, every family meal will never be the same again .

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